Be kind, make that choice

In the same way that we can view unpleasant experiences with people as either the universe’s biggest mistake or a “necessary evil” towards the best that we can be, it is also our choice to treat people such that they will either remember us 1. as someone who cared, or 2. as the terrible nightmare that they’re glad they have waken up from.


The book makes the man

If I were to describe myself by the books that I read, I’d say 5% of the time I’m sluggishly flipping through the pages of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and the remaining 95%, I would be digging with much gusto and taking everything to heart Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.

– 名前がない男の人

The quickest way to parallel universes

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Contrary to popular belief, the way towards parallel universes depends neither on the advancement of science nor by reincarnation and all that. If we want to experience a different world or a different reality, all we have to do is to change our everyday choices.


Don’t Throw Shades, Cast Them!

Don’t be bothered when people are throwing shade at you. As long as you’re not hurting or maligning anyone, just let them be. The best you can do is to collect all of those shades thrown at you and pile ’em up as you continuously work on yourself, until you’ve become better and grown enough that you didn’t realize you’ve already casted a shadow on them.

– 名前がない男の人

Self Humiliating Grace

You gotta give God some credit for His goodness. Instead of giving us our much deserved affliction when we become bloated ungrateful bastards, He smacks us right in our faces with His unexpected blessings that we instantly deflate and become devoid of our egos leaving us empty and humiliated of our own arrogance.


Guess who

I have multiple personalities. It automatically selects which particular ‘me’ should take over to suit anyone I am talking to.

So if you’re wondering where is the usually warm and quiet me that you were talking to awhile ago, please understand that your presence might have conjured my cold and asshole self.

That also makes me a very good mirror. What you see in me is a reflection of who you are to me.


“Let’s fix this”

Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself a leader who will say “let’s fix this” when things go wrong rather than someone who will leave you hanging in the air, waiting for you to spectacularly fail in order to give them legitimate reasons to throw you under the bus.


The Mathematics of Procrastination

This is true for procrastinators: the amount of their free time is inversely proportional to their potential accomplishments. Expounding that argument, the less free time one has, the more he can accomplish. Conversely, one can accomplish less if he has a lot of free time.

– (The) Name’s Not At All Relevant

Forsaking Something Worth Forsaking

“If there is any instance where infidelity is to be welcomed and encouraged is when you ditch your sacred matrimonial vows with your old familiar feelings of emptiness, sorrow, unworthiness, despair, anxiety, and depression and to finally possess the courage to walk away in search for something better.”

(The) Name’s Not At All Relevant