I asked God for a little more rain

I asked God for a little more rain
to adorn the trees and my window pane
to alleviate the nightmare of reality
and wake up to the paradise of what should be

But to my dismay
the sun have shown its might
not a drop fell but a blinding light
so I asked Him –

for I always wanted the cold stormy sky
that in peace my mind too shall fly
and plunge in the rain clouds passing by…”

And He answered

“Sunshine or rain, it’s not for you to say
and neither the rain that you desire
to come now or another day.

I heard your prayers for serenity
brought about by the drizzle
but some pleaded for sunshine
for their dreams already fizzled.

While in the storm you learned to dance in the rain,
take advantage of the sun, for there is so much to gain…”

I burned my diary

School diary with daily hand written note burning in fire flame ⬇ Stock  Photo, Image by © ArthaDesignStudio #252365918

I burned my diary
in which the flame
gobbled greedily
Twas a delight
watching it on fire
with a devil’s grin
and maniacal desire
it’s worth every hurt
and every pain
watching them die
but not in vain
Previous desires
irreverent thoughts
so are bittersweet ones
I’ve forgotten most
All turned to ashes
leaving a scent
sweet as incense
an offering to the Muse
that I frequently abused

I Will Compose Melancholic Tunes

I will compose melancholic tunes
that’s guaranteed to conjure the gloom
and the depression
welcomed back home

I’d listen intently
with eyes closed
and heart and mind open
and long for that part of me
who left before I was born
and wandered
in it’s own leisure
into the woods
in the midst of the storm
into the wilderness
in the land of nowhere
and there laid his head
took a nap
lived in a different realm
and failed to return

I want to write a sad tune
that’ll always
the part of my soul
that left a void
and got replaced with
eternal rain
flooding my being
seeping into
the depths
the crevices
deep within

I will play the sad tunes
so I’ll be able
to come back again
and again
and again
to celebrate the day
I’ve lost that something
but had
all the world’s
to obtain
with the wine of suffering
and a gloomy melody
to console the loss
and commemorate the gain

Touch not my diary!

Touch not my diary
and leave my thoughts alone!
For you are not permitted to peer
inside my thoughts
made tangible
through scribbles and notes.

You are not permitted
inside my sanctuary
and neither are you allowed
of the vileness of my world
and the sanctity of my core.

You mustn’t see all the blood
I spilled all over the floor
nor the stains left off my enemies
I splattered on the walls.

You are not entitled to see
when I bleed
my pain
and my agony
nor the torrential tears I’d shed
turned to ink
and spilled on paper
It’s for me and me alone
and as such, when you dare to look
a heinous crime is done.

It is where I mourned
the thousand deaths of me
and where all of the ashes
forever betrothed to the sea.

It was also the sole witness
together with God himself
how from the ashes
a new me came forth and was born.
Torn to bits and pieces though I was
everyday I’m getting fixed,
getting built to last.

So touch not my diary
you insolent swine!
To your pen, go on and roam
and leave all my thoughts alone!

Calling your soul to come home

When you got a body but can’t find your soul

poke a hole
and break the wall

and if that doesn’t do it just yet
write that vagabond a letter
brood it a little
yell if you must
at the top of your lungs
put it all on paper
nail it at the door outside
and leave it altogether

tomorrow it’ll come
and knock on the door
will bring some presents too:
your demons on one hand
your passions on the other
both, a gift you ought to
ought to share together


Vaccine Jokes

If only there’s a vaccine
that will render
your memories
as hilarious punchlines
where I’d laugh out loud
instead of being
moved to tears,
a numbed sensation
instead of searing pain,
and will boost my system
with anti-rage bodies
everytime I’m on the verge
of turning green –

I’d inoculate myself
right fucking here,
right fucking now…