The Law of Nonlinearity of Traffic in Metro Manila


Let’s perform a thought experiment:

Say it takes an hour of travel from home to work. Ideal situation would be, if you wake up 5 minutes later than usual, you will arrive 5 minutes later than the usual. Considering all other factors equal, waking up 30 minutes late should also mean being half an hour late than the usual.

Let’s get back to the reality of the hellish traffic of Metro Manila. The above postulates are 90% true if you commence commuting from the wee hours to 0430 hours. From 0430 to 0530 hours you’ll be arriving 30minutes later or travel time becomes one and a half hour. 0530 to 0630, total time of travel becomes 2 hours. From 0630 to 0700, it’s 3 hours. Beyond 0700 hours you’ll be better off filing a half day’s leave. All fingers inevitably point to the thing called rush hour.

And for such traffic predicaments that I have become an early bird where I voraciously devour the stillness of dawn. In addition, it gives me a sense of control of the coming day, most especially my work which has become a drudgery for me because of the toxic combination of people and culture. But I digress.

It’s ironic for it to be dubbed rush hour when you can hardly ‘rush’ anything at all while being stuck in the process.



“You get what you give”

you get what you give

Let’s not forget that some people are just reacting based on what we say or do to them. You treat him with respect and fairness, he reciprocates with loyalty and zeal to deliver something of great value.

You throw him shit, be prepared to receive something similar.

When you attack him, you shouldn’t be expecting him to be defenseless, and just curl up and die.

What goes around comes around.

Fighting Enemies on Both Fronts

This is why Napoleon Bonaparte and the Axis Powers Lost. Engaging two opponents on two fronts especially when sustained, will lead to your eventual downfall.

And while I may not be facing such gruesome ordeal like a war, I am currently fighting my own set of enemies on two fronts:

First, the projects that I have to deliver on time.

Second and far worse than the first, is the people who disguise themselves as my “team mates” who I expect to be watching my back but exhibits the inclination to stab me with blame when the shit hits the fan.

This has to turn around. I have more important things to mind than to sustain this mess that I got myself into.

We’re supposed to be a team right? But I think that went out the window all because I am a no-nonsense type of worker. Objectivity is really not a typical Pinoy thing.

Inflation Etc. Explained by BSP Deputy Governor Diwa C. Guinigundo

I am very much thankful for the succinct explanations of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Deputy Governor Diwa C. Guinigundo regarding the inflation rate, the real score of TRAIN law, among others. Totally comprehensive that even people who are not experts in global and local economics like myself can pick up that easy. (Just scroll to find the phone interview if you don’t want to watch the whole episode below.)

Thank you very much Deputy Governor Guinigundo and thank you Karambola for being an objective source of information.

The down side is it further irked me of the main stream media for sowing misinformation to advance their self-serving interests. I want to believe that you’re better than the one you’re accusing of being a dictator and slayer of your so-called freedom of speech or someone who bends the truth to suit with what they want the people to believe to keep them stupid and oblivious while making a malevolent political maneuver.

Come on guys, you can do better than that can’t you?

Breaking Through the Illusion of Comfort


We grow so comfortable with stuff we built over time, be it work, social circle or whatnot that it becomes so hard to let them go. We’ve built it overtime with failure and success on top of the other in an odd pattern. We nurtured it with a concoction  of sweat, blood, and tears.

Hard-earned is the word which makes it “rightfully ours”. Anything threatens to take that comfort away from us and it’s guaranteed to be the most gruesome bloodbath ever recorded.

But why give it up in the first place?

Because we either chose to awaken from our stupors or we are prompted by a pressing situation at hand to evolve or else we die, be it figuratively or literally. You might have figured out by now that life which is as dynamic as hell, changes irrespective of our status and how we feel.

Natural tendency is we fight for our lost “right”. Vehemently like a bigot gone bananas. We’ve become disillusioned with comfort that we fail to see that it already transformed into the misery of the known, boredom of the mundane, the small circle with iron walls that keep us from becoming the best that we ought to be.

We’ve come to worship the static. The same static that the medical personnel in the emergency room will cringe at the sound of which.

Because static is dead. Thermodynamics will attest to that.

And changes are nothing but the same medical personnel that is earnestly reviving us because we’re drifting away from the light. Because we chose the familiar comfort, the static, and death.


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Living in The Moment

live in the moment

Being genuinely thankful for the moment just as it is, devoid of expectations and invisible strings attached work wonders. Life’s drudgery is more bearable thinking every moment’s a miracle rather than decadence or a death warrant of suffering and meaningless existence.” – 名前がない男の人


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What’s so funny?

One thing that I can hardly get used to in terms of dealing with the younger generation today is the need to be funny in whatever you say or do. This is evident as I dumbfoundedly listen to such typical conversations that surround me every day. They are all cracking up while I’m left, with eyebrows crossed wondering how did that became funny at all. I just try to fake a smile or laughter despite my personal objections when I am expected to give an acknowledgement.

I am constantly reminded of Sharon Cuneta, dubbed as Megastar, who has a hard time not laughing all throughout the duration of her interviews for basically EVERYTHING. I don’t know and I can’t understand why she seemed to have her funny bones all tickled at the same time for no funny reasons at all.

It’s all very strange to me. I am not a grouch by the way and I know how to laugh a hearty laughter when I see/hear a good antic or joke. But to laugh at practically everything? Man, there must be something very fundamental that I’m missing here.

It’s for the same reason that I’m horrified when I am with a group of ‘jolly’ people who are talking to me. At the end of their banter, you would’ve heard a pin drop as they rabidly await what I have in response. Shall I just laugh? Do I need to scramble for a punchline? Do I smile instead without saying anything funny at all just to let them know that I am one of them? I don’t know. I am always thrown off-guard when I come face to face with this conundrum.

But they’re so used to it that their reactions are a reflex. They can automatically tickle themselves with the slightest stimulus that doesn’t even need to be qualified as ‘funny’ and laugh just as hard as if they’re going to sneeze and cough their brains out.

Laughing even if nothing’s funny at all isn’t as funny as I thought it was.

Changing For The Intelligent Lady

I must admit that one of my motivations in my quest to become an analytical writer instead of an emotional one is because of the intelligent lady that I’ve been mentioning here.

This commenced when she stopped reading me altogether. And perhaps one reason is my excessive use of argumentum ad hominem and emotionally-charged tirades in some of my posts. You see, in the realm of the intelligentsia I’ve learned that the use of such kind of arguments lower the quality of the discussion. Emo in itself is an unwanted guest unless it is backed by irrefutable facts. I just felt that she doesn’t want to be entangled with such kinds of hollow discourse and to people and writers who dumb down the discussion. And she may have seen me as someone not at par with her intellectual chakra and preferences.

Will this matter to her? Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter to me? Hell yes. But why?

My awe, respect, and admiration towards her never left me at all. And aside from that (which is again obviously emo in themselves) I also want to up my game a notch. I want to be able to deal with people of such intellectual prowess without wallowing in self pity and complaining about my perceived self inadequacy. I want to be able to speak to them squarely with my head unbowed. I want them to be unable to resist discussing things with me because they also want to hear my opinion. I want to improve and be a part of the class A, the cream of the crop, the elite. And I wont get there if I keep thinking I’m an outsider. To lift yourself, you have to dream of becoming better. You have to BE the one you dream of becoming. Because I am. Thanks to Jolens, that dream busted the idea of a better me out of my head, and made me very uncomfortable enough to get me to take action and grab that dream by the balls.

And if I may, I want to end this with an emo note.

I liked her and I like her still despite that I’ve only known her based on reading her personal accounts. Her magnetic waves are at the perfect frequency when it hit me home, all in the right places. I am no less than attracted to her cosmic magnanimity and enigma. I did and I still do. Although it evolved into something else, I just cant find the succinct words to describe it. And my feelings for her have become one big jumbled mess that is still behind my full comprehension.