When doing the laundry and you see this in your little boys’ pants…




miss misery

I was finding ways to escape my loneliness and emptiness. I thought I already escaped all doubts and uncertainties which should eliminate misery once and for all, first when I got transferred to another department in my previous company, and eventually landing a job in a new company. But that wasn’t the case.

Misery had been pounding the door hard. I thought she’d be gone when I change environment. It seemed so at first. Although it may be that I was just too busy shaking misery off that I didn’t hear her for quite some time.

But there she was. With her sustained vigor she keeps on pounding the door with the full regalia of a demolition team. With her persistence, she’s reminding me that she’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Like I did before, she wants me to fuck her hard once more. She’s so addicted to me that she wants me to ravage her yet again ‘till she passes out.

Scarce Tissue

scarce tissue

In my previous company, tissue was virtually unlimited. If you’re out of which, you can just ask utility to hand you a new pack.

Now in a new company, tissues are still free albeit with corresponding restrictions: the tissue is now issued per department instead of per person. If you’re a commoner and you’re out of tissue, it’s a too inconvenient to resupply the gang since only a selected few have direct access with whoever is supplying them. And it’d be more convenient to use paper than to walk 10 paces to get 1 sheet (it’s a department supply not individual, remember?)

Just like the Israelites after being out of Egypt for quite some time, I sure did grumble to some extent. But you see, these, among others are byproducts of changes that I’ve dreaded long before I left my previous company.  It hit me hard, it still does years later but her persistence didn’t dwindle a bit.

Adopt or die.

So instead of attaching labels that fuel discontentment, I decided I’d opt for less experience, less wanting, therefore less evil.

Scarce tissue? Because of that scarcity I’ve learned to reduce the mess that require some tissues to clean. Not only me, this taught us as a department a lot about conservation.

Despite that there’s a lone pack of tissue for 30 people, amazingly it lasts a lot longer than expected. Maybe we’re too timid to consume it the way you’d devour popcorn. Despite that we’re like dirt poor, the lesson you get in return, however, is priceless.

Less mess. You become more deliberate with orderliness and cleanliness so as not to deplete your limited resources.

You appreciate something more when you know it’s not limited. It teaches you to use them sparingly and wisely.

You treat it with respect.


goddess of balance

Do you know why you are feeling miserable and lost? Because you are holding on to an outdated, fucked up definition of things. Labels and expectations are everything but stays true to your own set of definitions forever, in case you still haven’t figured it out.

While you can’t change the world for it to strictly adhere to your own rules, you can however change the way you look at the world. A new perspective for an ever evolving world or a defensive mechanism if you will.

It’s time to define things again. The good news is that you don’t have to kill yourself to conform with worldly definitions. You just need to be more understanding and more aggressive in finding your balance once more.

As you have seen, old definitions don’t work anymore.

The goddess of balance already shifted.

She is bored of staying in bed. Her back and pussy is already swollen lying in bed and getting fucked relentlessly.

Now she’s out of the bedroom. No more fucking just yet. She wants to play hide and seek. Go find her. And when you do, well, you’ll know what to do…

Agas ti Masakit a Lakay

(Reliving old stories with fellow campus paper writer chums.)

Adda maysa a lakay nga masakit ken agkakapsut. Iti abay ti katre a pagid-iddaan na ket isu met ti ayan ti bantay na.

“Anyat kayat mu,” intuud diay kadwa ti masakit, “linugaw?”

“Haaaaaannnn” agkakapuy nga kuna tay masakit.





Ta ukin inana daytoyen awan man la ti napatangakun, kuna tay agbanbantay iti un-uneg na. “Ket anya ngad kayat mo, UKI?!” kinuna na nga makasurun.

Tarin bangunen tay sii-idda nga masakit sa dimmadakkel ti matmata na nga nangdamag —


It’s Not You, It’s – Your Thoughts

The thoughts change but not you.

Let go the passing thoughts and hold on to the unchanging self.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talk 524


Powerful words.

How have I ever forgotten the very essence of this blog?! The thoughts responsible for the birth of a smorgasbord of written accounts here in this cosmos broadcasting medium is not the whole of the story.

Despite the chaos on the outside there is one unmoved by all the ruckus.

Someone else is in control.

It is the one whom these thoughts get projected onto. The one who remains unadulterated even with all the omnifarious thoughts it conceived.

The one you can only see when your eyes are closed.

Gold Reserve

fort knox
photo from tripadvisor.com

In my previous office, we used to coin taking a dump into “banking” or “magbaba-bangko” referring to a visit to the bank to “deposit”.

One morning at work, nature called and demanded that I go “banking”. After cleaning up my mess a few minutes later, a familiar voice called me while I’m inside the elevator.

“Where were you earlier sir? You were supposed to meet the newly hired” the principal BIM modeler said as I turned to look at her.

“Sorry. I needed to go to Banconidoro.”


Credit goes to the rightful owner of the artem and photo

It had been almost two decades since I made my own artem, Iloko term for a dipping concoction of chili pepper, vinegar and garlic. An Ilocano dish including the simplest fried fish and whatnot isn’t complete without the distinctive sting brought about by this macho condiment.

It’s relatively easy to make your own artem. And it costs cheap provided that chili peppers don’t cost a fortune. Its ingredients include:

  1. Vinegar. Beware of vinegars with synthetic acetic acid. Aside from that any vinegar you’ld want to use is just as good.
  2. Crushed garlic
  3. Red hot chili peppers. Small green ones are just as good. My preference is the “sili t’ sairo” or the commonly called “siling labuyo.” They’re small but they are packed with a lot of punch so don’t be fooled by their size
  4. Salt. Always opt for rock salt. Always.

After gathering all the required ingredients, all you have to do is:

  • Put the garlic first inside an empty bottle. Use glass and never use plastic bottles
  • Put the chili peppers inside. Chopped or not, it’s up to you
  • Pour the vinegar and add salt. It should be saltier than the usual. Aside from vinegar, salt acts like a natural preservative.

For best results, use after a week so that the chili peppers get totally blended with the vinegar.

There you go. Enjoy the delicious sting and the meal.