The “tomato” way to fame

While I cannot customize my rather archaic thinking to conform with “pop art”, I became interested nonetheless in determining the psychological profile of my readers in social media – what posts do they react to mostly and what piques their interest, in order to drive them eventually to my page and hopefully drag them all the way to my blog.

It all started when I wondered why my post about our backyard tomatoes garnered more likes than any of my presupposed reaction-eliciting thoughts and funny anecdotes.

I couldn’t believe it at first. A tomato? Really?!!

At first I thought it has something to do with one’s familiarity to the author (you cannot just comment on someone’s post even if it hits you home if you’re not that close, right?) Or maybe I am, in reality, an alien wearing a human costume desperately trying to blend in with humans.

I don’t know.

I’ve tried to make predictions, did countless social experiments on my own but still I cannot get that reaction I was rooting at. Audiences, turns out, are like women in terms of complexity and unpredictability.

Still confused, I asked my lady and she had this for an answer:

You know, almost everyone today is experiencing quarantine fatigue and they want a quick fix. An easy laugh or something easy to digest. What you posted (referring to the tomatoes) doesn’t have any riddles, no politics, no drama, no hidden meaning that they still need to decipher, and no vocabulary that needs to be consulted to a dictionary. Now if you’re trying to be poetic and all that and your post still needs to be further broken down into quarks and bosons in order to get the meaning, then you might as well kiss any form of reaction goodbye.”

Well, whatever the reason may be, I hope it’s not because I am a lousy storyteller.

Got something in your mind? Be generous. Leave this page with an afterthought in your gray matter and comments in this prompt.

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