The Perfect Workplace for Introverts and Non Office Politics Players

I don’t care that you do not play office politics. We don’t have that type of culture here anyway.

I don’t care that you frequently stay put in your workstation; that you do not go out and have lunch, dinner, or snacks with majority of your officemates during break.

I don’t mind if you are introverted, just sitting there quietly doing your thing.

I don’t mistake your quiet demeanor as a lack of loyalty to me or the company. You don’t need to feel threatened that you are quiet.

I understand that you have your family to attend to that you cannot attend to some of our company socials. I would be surprised in fact if you don’t tend to them first.

In here we coach each other, build each other, lift each other, care for each other.

In here, we don’t set someone up for failure so we can justify throwing him/her out the window.

This office is run by trust, not on how close you are to the director, your manager, or anyone.”

There are offices, companies, and bosses where you’ll hear these despite that they’re not being verbalized.

You’ll feel it in the overall office atmosphere. You’ll feel it in how you’re being treated. You’ll feel that freedom and trust whether you are within your company’s premises or in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll feel you are blessed when you find such kind of offices, companies, and bosses.

Well I was.

And sure I still am currently, right at this very moment.

Wishing you’re blessed to be in this kind of workplace too!

#greatworkplace #freedom #nontoxicworkplace

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Workplace for Introverts and Non Office Politics Players

    1. yep. pero merong mga halos di mo alintana. gaya nung nire-refer ko dito. British boss namin dyan, wala akong masabi as in. Nung nalipat ako sa ibang boss na Pilipino within the same company, jusmio. Dun ko napatunayan na mas asshole ang pinoy sa kapwa nya pinoy. Buti pa kako ibang lahi at least sinusuportahan ka pero kapwa Pinoy masahol pa sa timawa turing sayo.


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