“♬♪… ang mamatay (wag naman po sana!🙏) ng dahil sayo…♩♪♫♬”

If war breaks out (God forbids!) we who had been the last batch to undergo mandatory ROTC in college were automatically enlisted as reserve.

We’ll be “frontliners” then. I imagine we’d be dodging bullets, saying hello to incoming artillery fire, playing “piko” so as not to step on landmines, and frequently hugging the ground.

Being enlisted by the state to defend itself anyway is an opportunity to offer the ultimate sacrifice for the country. It’s the consummation of the last line of the national anthem which is “… ang mamatay ng dahil sayo…”

What does that have to offer? An opportunity to defend (and to die, to complete the rhetoric) for something which is the country. At least we’ll not be dying for nothing, ain’t it?

Not that I’m looking forward to die with a bullet inside me or being surprised by deadly shockwaves and shrapnel from grenades by the way.

I just can’t help but think though, how lucky were the ones who enrolled in NSTP instead. While the thought of holding an M16 rifle ala Rambo while saying “live for nothing, or die for something” sounds totally heroic and romantic, I still believe that the ones behind the frontliners are much more lucky since they are the ones who are most likely to make it out of the war alive.

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