Home Security

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When it comes to security at home, I would qualify myself as the most paranoid.

My heart would often skip a bit as I immediately blurt out a barrage of Spanish expletives when I see a door left open, or an unlocked barrel bolt or door knob. I would then immediately remind everyone at home, regardless of whoever they may be, in an exasperated tone how important it is to observe simple yet very important rules in safety.

The good thing is, we ourselves imbibed the urgency to immediately secure our home starting from ensuring that doors are always locked.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some housemates back then who have little regard to the set rules. They would often leave the backdoor unlocked or the padlock improperly set, despite that it only would have taken a few calories to do properly. Still my paranoid self, I would often remind them emphatically the importance of being mindful about the security at home. And we even cited examples of recent news of burglars breaking into homes near our area.

But to no avail.

One day, we cited a rather unfortunate news of someone getting murdered inside their home in broad daylight, their home just less than a kilometer from our area. We thought we already got the message across with the most powerful example after telling them that unfortunate horrific example of relaxed home security protocols gone wrong.

Imagine our shock and exasperated faces, as we clutched our hands in utter disbelief when she said nonchalantly, almost in a jokingly manner:

Minardər da idan a...” (“Oh well, they got murdered alright…”)

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