A Soviet Horror Story

Polish soldier Jan Grzybek with his horse drinking water from the stream,  1970s, colorized | 960x733 : MilitaryPorn

In the year 1875, a Soviet Union soldier named Dimitri was on a horseback when he got lost in a haunted forest near Moscow. He looked up the sky: it was high noon and the air is humid.

He was getting anxious when he saw a stream in which he immediately got off his horse as soon as he reached the bank. Dimitri was totally parched that he would drink from the flowing water in front of him but he hesitated thinking that it might be unsafe for drinking.

He then saw his horse as it already went past him to drink greedily from the stream. It reminded him instantly of a famous quote from Saint Seraphim of Sarov:

“Drink water from the spring where horses drink, The horse will never drink bad water…”

Dimitri immediately went over and knelt beside the horse to drink, his face just a few inches from the head of the lapping brute.

After only a split second, the horse stopped drinking and hurriedly left…

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