Boomer Journals 7 – Mimicking Gunfire and Explosions As Kids During “War” Games

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Prior to smartphones today, we were never short of means of letting out that natural male aggression, especially the way that war games do.

We ducked and hid behind rocks and trees, all to the delight of our juvenile selves which inevitably irked our mothers especially when we go home with scratches, wounds, and soiled clothes. It’s almost always guaranteed that it will end up in countless “initiation” rites, where we kids were the recipient of the said initiations.

With nothing but makeshift sticks that doesn’t even need to actually resemble a pistol or long firearm, we “hunted” our enemies using our voices as fired bullets. Mind you, we even classified what type of firepower we had just by the mere sound of the gunfire.

‘Twas fun. It still is up to now actually. Although the fun evolved into funNY and is somewhat embarrassing to a certain extent.

Those experiences though, were all worth it to be archived in the album called “Childhood Memories”.

Different ways kids back then tried to mimic gunfire and explosions during “baril-barilan” (shoot out game):

  • A semiautomatic – BRATATATATAT!!!
  • Caliber .45 – TOG⬇️ SHAW⬆️!!!
  • A pistol with silencer – Psshhhhiw⬆️ Psshhhhiw⬆️!!!
  • Magnum 357 – BANG BANG BANG!!!
  • Fragmentation grenade – BOOOMMM!!!
  • Caliber .38 – BENG BENG BENG!!!
  • Shotgun – tsk tsk BOOM!!!
  • Rocket launcher (upon impact) – BOOONNNGG!!!
  • M16 – PRRRRT PRRRRT!!!
  • Nuke – KABOOOMMM!!!

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