Writers hold on to tomorrow despite the lack of assurance that they will ever see it

Not everything you write will rock. A lot of them won’t even make sense in fact. It doesn’t matter though. Because the only thing that counts is to embrace the fact that your writing will inevitably suck sometimes and there’s very little you can do except to get on with it and keep on writing.

And because some of a writer’s toil of sweat and blood will suck, he is not immune to heartaches and frustrations. But instead of succumbing to them, he musters his courage and strength to thrive on them and coexist. Sometimes, he gains the upperhand. Sometimes, he makes a cookbook out of hordes upon hordes of heartaches and frustrations and makes them his nourishment.

But a writer’s comfort lies on the thought that he can keep on writing even if what he wrote today sucked. Because tomorrow is a resemblance of hope that what he will write tomorrow will finally make sense.



Another chance.

That’s the way I approach writing. I just hope I can approach life with the same hope and enthusiasm especially in times when nothing seems to make sense.

One thought on “Writers hold on to tomorrow despite the lack of assurance that they will ever see it

  1. Oh yeah. I often feel like I’m going nowhere with my writing, and it feels worse because I’ve already done it for quite a while now, and yet I still feel like someone’s who’s just joined the industry. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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