Don’t Hug the Hag

Be careful who you cling to
or who you choose to hug
lest you see her true self
the horrible hag

Whose breath of death reeks
and the foulest of odors
a blood-full rusty blade encased in sheath
and in one’s unwitting moment
at the back she’ll surely stab
and the poor soul
she’ll voraciously devour

She has not a genuine care
fake as her smile
and hollow laughter
that causes Hades
to fear and stutter
ye are all indispensable
heir to her kingdom of fire
but only up until
you give her her share

Get out of her, children
while you still can
before you totally soak up her ways
and be evil for the rest of your days
Tarry not
get out of her fold
for her lips speak of death
and horrors untold

Because the hag has
the ultimate crown:
the bitch
and the witch
all rolled into one

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