INFJ Pisces Characteristics

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(Copied from a Facebook comment. It just hit home that’s why.)

INFJ PISCES – An INFJ who is Pisces probably spends a lot of time immersed in the sea of their imagination.

The INFJ intuitive qualities will likely be more pronounced and the dreams they experience are vivid and full of symbolism and metaphor.

This person is probably highly creative and sensitive with a tendency to take things very personally.

The INFJ Pisces is deeply compassionate and they possess a sage-like wisdom and spiritual insight that is valuable to others.

Their naive and impressionable natures make them more susceptible to falling prey to the guiles of dishonest folks.

They may have difficulty observing things objectively and get blinded by their idealistic vision of what they hope to be.

INFJ Pisces is very tolerant and accepting but they may not be great judges of character.

They may be particularly subject to mood swing and bouts of depression.

They can fall victim to self-defeating and self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior.

They may need the influence of a more dominant personality to keep them in check and nurture them with positivity and love.

The INFJ Pisces is hard to pin down and can be like chameleons taking on the qualities of the people around them.

They tend to absorb other’s energy both negative and positive and so it is especially important for them to stay away from toxic people.

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