Similarities of the silent majority and the people who are just “done” in dealing with BS:

Here's all of your stupid bullshit back. I don't want it anymore. |  Drinking Ecard
  • They’ve already seen and weighed both sides.
  • They’ve already made up their minds early on.
  • They’ve already seen all the BS behind the smiling feces, errr faces.
  • They have X-ray eyes that can see through all the BS still going on.
  • They’re both silent and may only smile when asked or talked to. But it doesn’t mean that they’re stupid.
  • Can differentiate between the evil and the evil opportunists.
  • No longer engages in discussions/heated arguments against BS because it’s a complete waste of time.
  • They no longer care about the BS opinion/peddled lies of others.
  • Nothing that anybody else will say can change their mind unless it’s completely logical and consistent.
  • Knows exactly how to deal with BS and peddlers of misinformation.
  • Execute their decisions without second thoughts and in cold precision.
  • They’ve already transcended the opposite of love (which is hate) to apathy to those espousing BS.

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