Tabi Ng Bulkan – Razorback

Started with a wicked riff and now I’m hooked.

I am still reeling when one of the pillars of Pinoy rock, Pepe Smith of Juan dela Cruz band was finally told by the Almighty to take a rest for good. Likewise for Brian Velasco who even aired live his last bid to make sense of his life as he plummeted to his death. This is to pay homage to Pepe and Brian, and the other Pinoy rock bands who continue to make rock and metal music despite that majority of the populace already succumbed to K(ulangot) Pop and pop in general.

taken from where it came from

But bands like Pepe’s and the one featured above – Razorback refused to die into oblivion. There will always be ambassadors of rock, and I myself is one of them. It doesn’t need that you have a band yourself. All it takes is a promotion (even here in my little known page) and a lifestyle of rock and roll.

Mabuhay kayo Razorback! Mabuhay ang Pinoy Rock!!!