Making A Dent On The World One Human Soul At A Time

I’ve always wanted to make a dent on the field of structural engineering that I am in. I wanted to be recognized, respected, and frequently sought for with all the exclusive attention and admiration from the structural engineering community.

I wanted to change the world, much like everyone else, and leave a long lasting legacy that will go on to the end of human existence.

Of course that is far from getting realized. From all over the world and it may be that even in my neighborhood, I am not the best out there. Stupid as it sounds, the thought of which get’s the better of me sometimes.

So in these times I stop and consider some thank yous from people who were once part of the team that I was in. And looking back at them gets me thinking that it’s not my genius (or an eeny weeny part if any) that they appreciated. Rather, it’s my humanity to share and to help.

Yep I may not be able to change the world. But I think I did change one feeling, be it for long term or momentarily. The feeling rocks, albeit is an understatement for its true impact on me.

Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to help you out directly or indirectly. Rest assured, this little work of mine will keep paying forward the things I learned and love. Your kind words would definitely go a long long way.

 ありがとう ございます!”

From Tina: “You’re amazing!”

From Mara (when asked why she was sure as hell that what she read was my work without me introducing her to my blog): “Nung ang pangalan ng blog nio eh yung ang mamang inhinyero pa? haha. eh hindi ko din alam sir eh. Pero astig kasi talaga. Feeling ko kasi nun kayo talaga yun. HAHAHA. Feeling lang. HAHAHA tapos confirmed. galing talaga. Haha. Ayan sir ha wala talaga ko pinagsasabihan, sa iba na galing yan. Pati yung kay jane dati, di kopo sinabi sakania yun hehe.”

From Ralph: “Astig, ngayon ko lang Nakita ito haha. sir xxx

Richard: “mssbi q ser, same kau ng impact skn ni sir dale. ang hirap nga I-express pero maraming salamat sa mga naituro m skn. Thank you ser, God Bless din

Faye: “Hi Sir xxx, Just want to thank you for being one of the best mentors I’ve ever had. You being my first mentor not only here in Ar*** but also in my professional life. All I can say is ang hirap makahanap ng mentor like you, when I transferred to a different team with a different senior, sobrang namimiss ko yung way ng pagtuturo ninyo, making sure I understand the concept behind everything I do. I feel guilty every time nakakasalubong ko kayo kasi I know medyo di ko nagawa ng maayos yung part ko sa DHEM hehe. Kaya sorry sir kung minsan nahihiya talaga ako.. Anyway, thank you uli sir and I hope mas madami pang matuto sa inyo 🙂 Regards, Faye”

Jane: “I’ll stay updated and keep learning from your informative blogs. :-)”

Bel: “Sir xxx! I saw ur blog.omg so cool. thanks po sa info.”

Jen: “Thank you sir. actually shocked din ako, di ko din alam sasabihin ko kanina. Pero sobrang thankful ako sir na nakasama ako sa team mo. Idol kaya kita sir! hehe. Dami ko natutunan sa inyo sir, di lang technical pati kung pano makitungo sa mga katrabaho. Salamat din sir sa mga advise and concern. Makakatulog na ako at makakapahinga sa ngayon ng mahaba. Hehe. 😊

Salamat ng marami sir! See you around na lang. God bless! 😊”