The Law of Nonlinearity of Traffic in Metro Manila


Let’s perform a thought experiment:

Say it takes an hour of travel from home to work. Ideal situation would be, if you wake up 5 minutes later than usual, you will arrive 5 minutes later than the usual. Considering all other factors equal, waking up 30 minutes late should also mean being half an hour late than the usual.

Let’s get back to the reality of the hellish traffic of Metro Manila. The above postulates are 90% true if you commence commuting from the wee hours to 0430 hours. From 0430 to 0530 hours you’ll be arriving 30minutes later or travel time becomes one and a half hour. 0530 to 0630, total time of travel becomes 2 hours. From 0630 to 0700, it’s 3 hours. Beyond 0700 hours you’ll be better off filing a half day’s leave. All fingers inevitably point to the thing called rush hour.

And for such traffic predicaments that I have become an early bird where I voraciously devour the stillness of dawn. In addition, it gives me a sense of control of the coming day, most especially my work which has become a drudgery for me because of the toxic combination of people and culture. But I digress.

It’s ironic for it to be dubbed rush hour when you can hardly ‘rush’ anything at all while being stuck in the process.