Fighting Enemies on Both Fronts

This is why Napoleon Bonaparte and the Axis Powers Lost. Engaging two opponents on two fronts especially when sustained, will lead to your eventual downfall.

And while I may not be facing such gruesome ordeal like a war, I am currently fighting my own set of enemies on two fronts:

First, the projects that I have to deliver on time.

Second and far worse than the first, is the people who disguise themselves as my “team mates” who I expect to be watching my back but exhibits the inclination to stab me with blame when the shit hits the fan.

This has to turn around. I have more important things to mind than to sustain this mess that I got myself into.

We’re supposed to be a team right? But I think that went out the window all because I am a no-nonsense type of worker. Objectivity is really not a typical Pinoy thing.