Einstein’s Nightmare – The Secrets of Quantum Physics by Dr. Jim Al-Khalili

I’ve already read hordes upon hordes of literature regarding quantum theory for beginners but this is hands down the most comprehensive introductory video I’ve ever seen so far!

Hats off to Dr. Jim Al-Khalili for this video. His walkthrough from the humble beginnings starting from the light bulb, up to the epic battle of the minds of Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein and its bizarre conclusion is a solid foundation for quantum theory junkies like myself.

Turns out, we cant screw mother nature or if you believe in God then it’s God. And the thought that reality that we know might not be real at all is mind boggling.

Enough words, go devour the video.


Blinded by Third Eye Blind

Di ko naman to in-associate sa kahit kaninong babae ng nakaraan o kasalukuyan pero ewan ko bakit napaka-poignant nito para sakin and it hits me home.

It brings out a hell lot of emotions.

Punung-puno ito ng angst kaya kapag naririnig at kinakanta ko ito e para akong bumabalik ng kabataan ko. Pakiramdam ko kapag naririnig ko ito e parang may pag-asa parin akong maging rock star. Na sana e makanta ko ito kasama ng isang banda.

Today Is The Day I Decided I’m Done

Today I decided I’m done here in my current work place that I’m going to leave for somewhere better. Somewhere not necessarily easier but a place where I can work in peace and not threatened by politics and where I can focus on improving my skillset.

Today I decided I’m done waking up in the morning dreading the grueling day ahead.

Today I decided I’m done worrying about Mondays while at home during the weekends.

Today I decided I’m done with the wrong reasons of leaving. Now I don’t anymore harbor resentment to people here in the office specifically the higher ups that run the department.

Today I decided I’m done done stressing myself out too much of work that poses danger to my health and my quality time with myself and my family. While it contributes to my learning, it also contributes to things that have the potential to harm me in the long run.

Today I decided I’m done proving myself to people who don’t have any concern on my well being. I’m done being treated as a mere object to accomplish the goals of the team.

Today I decided I’m done living a shitty working life. I am not afraid of hard work provided I’m in an environment that fosters my health and growth.

Today I decided I’m done worrying about people who will label me as weak for not standing my ground through these onslaughts. I value myself more that anyone else’s opinion.

Today I decided I’m done. That’s why I am now taking action. And when God blesses my efforts and approves of my plan, nothing and no one can stop me from claiming what will make me a better man.

Drug War (Ang Kwentong Ayaw Pakinggan)

drug war
photo taken from philcrime.wordpress.com

Nakatakda ang aming operasyon

Isang maulan na dapit hapon

Langit ay lubos ang pagtangis

Puno ng dalamhati at paghihinagpis


Sukbit ko ang aking quarenta y sinco

Kasama ang granada, mga bala at radyo

Handa at naga-abang ang aking hintuturo

Sa gatilyo ng M14 na tangan tangan ko


“Isang raid ang isasagawa natin

Sa isang bayan dito sa San Fermin

Pinamugaran ng mga adik at halang ang bituka,

At doon ang droga walang pakundangang binebenta


Mapanganib ang ating kakaharapin

Subalit kailangang tupdin ang sinumpaang tungkulin

Mga kabataan ay dapat sagipin

Sa salot na droga sila’y marapat na palayain


Bago tayo humayo tayo munang manalangin:

Dios Ama kami po ay iyong dinggin

Sa pagtupad ng aming mandato kami po ay patnubayan

At ilayo sa panganib at tiyak na kamatayan.”


Siyang panalangin na inusal ng aming commander

Habang ihinahanda ang bullet proof vest at arrest order

At kami na’y tumulak upang isakatuparan ang misyon

Ang pagdakip sa mga pusher at mga taong lulong


Patintero kay kamatayan, sa hukay lubog ang tuhod

Sa target area habang maingat naming sinusuyod

“Pulis to, walang gagalaw ng masama!” ang aming bulyaw

Upang mangibabaw sa mga putok at alingawngaw.


Dura lex, sed lex: isang babala

Kailangan umiral ang katwiran at hustisya

Nang pangarap ng kabataan di na malibing sa hukay

Masaganang kinabukasan at magandang buhay


Habang ako’y humihinga ay di ko lulubayan

Pagpuksa sa drogang salot ng lipunan

Sa ngalan ng katarungan sampu ng aking mga kasamahan

Patuloy na susuungin ang digmaang nasimulan.


Para sa kinabukasan ng mga anak ko

Di kayo makakawala mga putang ina nyo!

Kung sa kulungan di kayo mangagsibulok

Manlaban at bala ko ang yong masisinghot!

Money for Nothing

One of the most wicked riffs that rocks the old and the young alike.

This version is the unedited version of this song. I like more what’s expressed in the original version. Raw, wicked, crass it may seem, unadulterated from society’s demands to please everyone and to tread softly.

If you’re offended that the lyrics is explicit, then I’m not going to apologize. I’d just advise you to close this page and move on.

But if you’re one rock junkie like me, This will get you headbanging in no time. Enjoy.

“What’s Up?”

This just doesn’t get old. I love how the lyrics still bring back memories from my childhood when I just can’t help but feel good no matter how shitty the situation I am currently in.

What’s unsurprising is that it still rings a bell despite my being a decade older than when the singer/songwriter sang/wrote it.

That’s still me asking “what’s (fuckin’) going on?!” and that still the old me chanting the emotionally drugged incantation “hey yeah yeaaaaaahhh”.

What’s going on? I don’t give a damn so long as anyone hands me a fucking beer!!

What’s up? Mine still is, still no problem with that 😀


Silicon Valley
from jantoo.com

Born and raised in a valley 

Grew up loving that alley; 

And when one I see 

There should my face dug be. 

Peeping just enough to say hi 

Can’t take my eyes off as they say bye; 

There my tongue shall fondle 

Won’t stop ‘til they wobble. 

Twin peaks soaked in the rain 

Bitesize tenders not soaked in vain; 

And then I will go south 

To ravage that wet mouth…

Source of Hope

What keeps me going these tough days?

  1. God who gives me strength on an daily basis, for without whom I wouldn’t have had the strength to bear the drudgery of being with the people in the office;
  2. The thought that I have a choice to leave my miseries (circumstances and people) behind in search of a better working place;

Vacation Leaves

Before my previous department went downhill, I didn’t file a lot of vacation leaves. It’s not because i don’t have the benefits of which but rather, I didn’t feel the need to. Except of course for several important family matters. But to keep myself sane from tons and tons of work, I felt I can manage without resorting to paid leaves.

More often than not, I didn’t want to take a day off because I don’t want to miss a day in my job because I loved what I was doing despite the stress (which is I would say is but a normal and healthy dose of stress because I don’t have to worry about not having the backing of the whole team, including my expat boss.) I want to always be a part of the team effort that we put into projects to make them something we’re going to be proud of. Looking forward with nostalgia to the days that we used the word ‘we’ with surging pride.

But now that I got transferred to a new department, it’s a completely different story.

I started treasuring days that I’m not at work. I started looking forward to them that I now bothered looking at the calendar and schedule leaves a day before or after legal holidays.

What I thought before as idle hours that would bore the hell out of me, became a balm, a much needed respite to keep my sanity intact. They kept me recharged enough for me to keep looking forward to another working day with the ball and chain, with the people that drain every ounce of enthusiasm I have whenever I’m with them, bosses and teammates alike.

A long holiday is coming and I already filed a vacation leave a day before. And to be frank, as early as now I’m earnestly looking forward again to the next one.

Pray More When You’re “Happy” Than When You’re In Adversary

When going through rough times, we often ask God to stay by our sides while we feel our way in the dark, and oftentimes asking Him to lead the way. During these times that the red light is blaring, our senses are in full alert scrutinizing the slightest stimuli that pops our way, carefully stereotyping them as either friend or foe.

The same with an essential facility on red alert status because of an impending terrorist attack. The said vital installation will have a better chance of mitigating damages if not totally thwarting them.

But when you feel that all things are rainbows and sunshine, you have the illusion that all will be well all throughout, that you can’t go wrong, and that your chances of stumbling is likened to the chances of a cobbler decoding how light particle transitions to wave and vice versa. Especially when we’re blinded by pride the way that a coin blocks our entire view of the star-studded night sky.

It’s in these instances that we should heed cautiously, occasionally stopping dead in our tracks to consider things carefully. It’s in these circumstances that we should fervently pray for God’s guidance. For enlightenment.

And to pray for deliverance – from ourselves. From our shortsightedness.