Bitchy Adam 2

In as much as I roasted Adam in my previous post I would like to redeem him with this part 2.


Essentially, we have no idea what are the surrounding circumstances that prompts him to react that way. Maybe a big personal problem or something that involves his family? Though no one is entitled to act shitty towards another despite that he’s having a bad day, at least we can pity that someone instead of harbouring towards him the same animosity he has for you, the world and even upon himself.

The thing is, he might have a problem that he needs help with. I am still not at all happy which what he’s showing us but instead of detesting him, which is also in a way a form of dumping shit on my self, I can at least pity him.

Who doesn’t have a bad day anyway?

Also, the bosses may know better than us. Like what my wife often tell me, bosses can see things beyond what his subordinates can see. Because we also wonder what the management is doing to resolve the issue because in a way he’s hurting the money bag. Perhaps they already knew his problems and Adam’s outbursts though not pleasant may come to them as necessary so that he can vent it out and hopefully get better after. Nothing’s permanent anyway, not a kick-ass day, and the same with a shitty day.

Does that sound like double standard? Might be so. Maybe that’s part of being human especially with working relations. If everything, everyone including God is too rigid we may no longer be here anyway.


Being Thanked At Is Good For A Man’s Health

Most of the time, we men tend to dismiss expressions of gratitude immediately whenever someone especially  ladies and oldies thank us for what we have done or are willing to do without expecting anything in return.

It’s just a minor thing. I am a man, that’s what I am made up off. At your service honey (winks).

And because we men tend to dismiss it, most of our recipients tend to dismiss it too saying it’s already expected of us or that they are always entitled, for example, a sit in a crowded bus.

But you know what? The simplest gratitude whether voiced out or just a simple, sincere sweet smile (from the ladies of course!) is guaranteed to make our day a kick-ass day. Minus the negativity, we can all be victorious gladiators for a day.

So come on everyone, don’t be scarce in giving your gratitude to us men. It will always count and getting thanked at is good for us too.

Bitchy Adam


“Adam’s just being a girl.”

Those statements are screaming red lights of racism from the 2 architects that I’m working with when I went to the 2nd floor to coordinate with them regarding some variation orders in the project. I understand why. They’re tired of bitching Adam.

I was tempted to share here the exchanges of emails within our group where Adam became an exemplary paragon of male bitchiness but I thought I’d better not. But I still just cannot believe his responses including his failure to respond to emails involving coordination of crucial items in between disciplines. My reaction every time I read his responses: “Seriously?!” Man, if there’s a perfect example of a man bitch, Adam’s gotta be it.

We all had been subjected to this taxing project where we entered into a mission impossible type of contract with the moguls in the middle east: too little time to cover 14 hectares of shopping mall and never enough manpower to cover every design aspect of architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. This was a humongous project that being not fully coordinated is already expected.

We managed to pull it through however but of course it was never without any delay in the submission of deliverables and misunderstanding in between disciplines. (Sh)it happens. It’s normal when you are working with a group.

What’s not normal, in my opinion, is getting reduced to becoming overly and irrationally defensive especially within the professional circle of architects and engineers where what each one does are all intertwined with the others’. And that part I guess got the best of Adam.

I am not excluding myself though. I got pissed for instances that I’ve already lost count of. I muttered a lot of expletives in between. There are times that I got so fed up with the people and the shitty process that I often retreated to writing and procrastination.

Maybe the difference is I decided not to let this stressful situation get the best of me. You will understand it best if you become a parent or a father like myself. You cannot bring home the anger and the hostile environment that mutated you to adapt an inch thick of protective skin. No sir. It’s bad for the testosterone and the libido.

The job is not a walk in the park rather, a war to be won but it has to be done especially when it’s your bread and butter and your balls on the line. There are times when you need to forget how you feel about what you are doing and just press on step by painful step.

A lady bitch may not be at all annoying. It can be cute sometimes. I even admire a few ladies because bitching makes them cutesy. But a bitching Adam? Seriously?!


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Thank Heavens You’re Dead! (Wait, What?!)

My lady boss told me that one of the most wanted by the Philippine authorities including the FBI, Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute already bid their earthly asses ⌈さようなら ⌋ sayounara.

I wont hesitate for a second to say that I had been one of those clamoring for their blood to be spilled in a likewise manner (or worse if possible) that they senselessly murdered their victims irrespective of it being divinely inspired or just plain cold-blooded blood bath.

And now, finally (or is it?) the long arm of the law already caught up on them for good. It’s a tooth for a tooth but their deaths, even though how sweet it sounds, is not at all commensurate to the crimes they committed, the dreams they ended, the fear they painstakingly sowed for years.

(Defeaning silence)

Shall I rejoice? Revenge is sweet aint it anyway? I don’t want to know first hand that’s for sure. Condolences to the victims and I pay utmost respect to whatever their reactions may be.

But something still feels wrong. Maybe I’m being self-righteous thinking that I am morally on higher ground than they do just because I did not commit the exactly same atrocities that they committed.

Wishing someone else’s harm doesn’t really take away the pain, is it? Or is this because revenge is something a mortal doesn’t really have a full grasp of?

It’s just so sad that things have to end this way: for these so-called terrorists, for their victims, for all of us…


皆さんこんにちわ. はじめまして•









Just You


What else can I say…
When everyone already sing your praises?
When you are already at the pinnacle of what you can be?

What else can I still extend my hands for…
When you already have the world at your bidding?
When you already have your perfect crowd behind you?

What words do I have to offer…
When you say them better than I ever will?
When you spell them out loud for me before I can even find them?

I’ll just sit here in silence
And be the man that listens without judgment

– I’ll be your home where you don’t need to be anyone at all except yourself

– I’ll be your pillow that will hear your silent screams and get soaked with your tears that no one should ever see

– I’ll be your teddy when you need a friend who will hug you back and feel your heart beat with fear and uncertainty

– I’ll be your mirror who cherishes every moment seeing you everyday just as you are, devoid of makeups nor any mask that you need to wear, but being just yourself which is just as lovely beyond any comparison

I’m not here to love only the super you or your perfect projection,
Because I will love you just the same for being just you in all its grandeur and rock bottom…


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2 and 1 (nag + 1)


Dati sa una kong blog, ang naging description ko sa pila sa FX e two words lang. Nung isang araw, nung makita ko yung 6 na tiklop ng pila na tig-15 metro ang haba kada tiklop e nag-mutate yung description ko.

Walanjo, kahit anong bagay wala talagang kawala sa laws of nature!

Ngayon di nalang basta-basta, may diin na:

TANG-INA talaga!!!”


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